About Us

Magical was founded on 15.02.2016

I am Anar Mirzayev the owner of Magical company. I've been in this for a long time. I'm a man who likes to bet. I've tried all the apps in the Play Store. None of them were successful. And one day I made a decision. After many researches, I founded Magical Company on 15 February 2016. For the analyst's position, a lot of people had made a job application. By choosing the best of them, I formed a team of 3 people.

And I did it. I've created the app that gives the best Betting Tips on the Play Store. I've reached 200K users. But, unfortunately, this did not last long. Because of the attacks, complaints made by competitive applications, my applications were closed.

I was very upset with that. But, even though it was a long time ago, our old users were still writing to us. And on June 27 2018, I published Magical applications in the Play Store again. The reason I went back to this job was the love of the users.

We've made an entrance to the Play Store like a bomb! In a short period of 3 months, we settled in the top 3 in the rankings.

I would like to thank my team friends Selim Tekin and Sinan Aydın. Selim is the best analyst in the world. We're happy to work with you, Selim.

Who is constantly interested in you, responds quickly to your emails, is a very sweet man, Sinan. We must congratulate him on his success and patience. :)

And our accounting director Mrs. Aygun. Mrs. Aygun is responsible for the payments and payments problems. Pretty successful woman in business life.

In short, we work hard as a Magical team to give you the best service. You are very valuable to us. You're the reason we're doing this job. We are a big and magical family. We love you all. :)

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