100% Fixed Service

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100% Fixed Service

You don't like to lose? Our fixed service is for you.

What are the properties of Fixed users?

There is no risk of loss in our 100% Fixed service. And daily odds are always trying to keep over 2-3. Selim Tekin, our analyst, is involved with fixed service users.

How can I use the Fixed Service?

The price of our 100% Fixed service is $ 350 per month. As the price is very convenient, there is no discount. We accept payment by Western Union. After you make the payment, you will receive 100% guaranteed tips on a regular basis every day.

Do you share tips every day?

Usually yes. But if there are no reliable matches, our analyst Mr. Tekin, that day does not share the predictions. The days when no prediction sharing is made are added as an extra to your monthly period.

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A.P(Mar 10 2019)

First I gave 1 star, I using 100% fixed service,I get predictions from another Magical tipster, accuracity was poor. But when I started get predictions from Selim Tekin... All situation turns in good position. Selim Tekin is realy analyst professional. His analysed predictions are very accurate! NOW I GIVING 5 SATRS

Selim Tekin(Mar 12 2019)

Hello .. Thank you so much for your good wishes, my friend.

Michael K.(Feb 19 2019)

Selim, you're the best. I won $ 5246 with yesterday's predictions. Thank you very much ♥

Selim Tekin(Feb 21 2019)

I'm so glad you won, man. If you send me a picture of your coupon, I'd like to share it with our users.

George T. (Feb 14 2019)

I am very happy with your service. God bless you.

Selim Tekin (Feb 18 2019)

Thank you so much.

Benjamin Tunde (Feb 19 2019)

You're very nice, Salim. We lost yesterday, but you made it up today. Thanks so much Magical Team you're the best keep it up.

Anar Mirzayev (Feb 19 2019)

Thank you for choosing us, Mr. Tunde. The Magical team is motivated by such beautiful comments. Don't stop supporting us.


100% Guarantee.

$ 350 /M