Anar Mirzayev

Who is Anar Mirzayev

Hi, I am Anar. I am the founder of Magical. I was born in Azerbaijan in Baku on 01.10.1984. I'm 35 years old and married. I am the father of two children :) I am originally from Azerbaijan. I graduated from Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul University. I lived for many years in Turkey. But now I live in Azerbaijan.

I've worked as a freelancer before. I gave support to many companies about software. Later, when I thought it was not for me to work with other companies, I decided to start my own company. And right now, I'm very happy with this decision. Because I have a huge, magical family.

29.03.2019 Update

30 March 2019, Announcements

Hello there, I'm Anar. Our applications, our website has been updated. I want to inform you about o

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17 March 2019, Apps

Hello I am Anar. Thanks to our analyst, Ms. Jennifer, we made a for bomb enter on the Play Store!

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13 March 2019, Apps

Dear family ... I'm Anar. One more person joined our family today: Jennifer Glass! Jennifer is an e

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Banned Users

07 February 2019, Announcements

Users who violate our terms of use are suspended. Name: Reza Purchase Code: GPA.****-****-****-3009

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