Hello, my Magical Family.

I'm Anar Mirzayev from the Magical management team. This is a major update. We work hard to give you the best experience. We hope you will be pleased with the update. New update details are as follows.

• Subscription system was switched.
Users who purchase our applications indefinitely will not be affected. They will continue to use the application indefinitely.

• Membership system was added to the application.
You do not have to be a member to use the application. However, in order to enjoy certain privileges, you will need to become a member.

• All tips are now in one application.
FREE, VIP, Premium, HT / FT, Correct Score etc. You can access the tips from within a single application.

• "Lucky Wheel" system has been added to the application.
By turning Lucky Wheel on a daily basis, you can earn free gold.

• Gold system was added to the application.
With the gold you can win for free, you will be able to open the matches on the "GOLD" tab for free.

• The design of the application has been completely changed.
With our new and modern design, we will offer you the best experience.

• You will be able to bookmark any match.
We will notify you by sending a notification when your favorite match has ended.

The update will be released in a few days. Please let us know about these updates by writing a comment to [email protected] or the Play Store. Your thoughts are very important to us.