Multiple Language Options and many more!

Multiple Language Options and many more!

Hello, dear Magical family. I'm Anar. Today, we have made a new update considering the requests of our valued users. You can examine the innovations made. I hope you are satisfied with this update. Everything is for your satisfaction.

1. Multiple Language Option
8 different languages ​​have been added to our application. The language is automatically set according to the language you use on your phone.

• English
• French
• Turkish
• German
• Espanol
• Russian
• Portoguese
• Italiano

We plan to add the remaining languages ​​to our application in the future.

2. Fixed Service
You can now purchase the Fixed service as an in-app product.

3. Ability to remove ads
Some of our users are really tired of watching ads. Unfortunately, we are unable to completely remove the ads to cover company expenses. But by paying a small amount now, you can remove the ads in the app and support us.

4. Gold system
We have increased the number of Golds you will earn from Lucky Wheel. And at the same time, you can now buy Gold by entering the menu on the left.

5. Connect with Google
You can now login to the app using the "Connect with Google" feature instead of messing around with registration. We recommend that our users who benefit from our paid services continue with their current accounts.

6. Menu
We removed the menu page from the app and added a left menu for you to use it more easily.

We hope you enjoy the new features we have added to our application. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts as a comment from the Play Store. We develop thanks to your thoughts and wishes. On behalf of the Magical Tips team, I thank you all forever.