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We reward our users who support us by giving 5 stars to our FREE application. Every month we will randomly choose 5 of our users and present VIP application free of charge. This event will continue every month. We love you :)

Winners of this month:

1. Alex Dav

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3. Onoja Isaiah

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Preparation of Predictions

Information on how we prepared the predictions.

Step 1

All leagues are checked and the most reliable games are selected.

Step 2

The teams' previous games are being checked.

Step 3

The injured players on the teams are checked.

Step 4

The general deficiencies in the teams are controlled to the finest detail.

Step 5

The number of goals in the previous games of the teams is checked.

Step 6

The number of goals scored are checked for games that teams have played with each other before.

Step 7

The status of the stadium is checked.

Step 8

The weather can seriously affect the course of the game. As a result, the weather is also checked.

Step 9

After all this is checked, we share the estimates with you.

How to Use

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First download or buy the application.


Open the menu in the upper right and click the 'Register' button. Enter all information correctly.

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HT/FT Betting Tips

In this application HT / FT, high-odds estimates are given. At least 50+ ODDS per day!

Correct Score Betting Tips

In this application, score estimation is done. Daily ODDS is at least +100.

ELITE Betting Tips

If you want to earn daily fixed income, you can buy our Elite application. VIP, Premium, HT / FT, Correct Score estimates in Elite application. You can access all estimates by purchasing a single application. We also provide consultancy services for Elite users. Daily odds +200.

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Applications and Features

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At least +30 odds.

Standard Estimates

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At least +50 odds.

HT/FT Estimates

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Correct Score

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Correct Score Estimates

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At least +200 odds.

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Modern interface

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Some people on our team

Selim T.


The game prepares predictions.

Natalie H.

Support Team

He's a member of our support team.

Sinan A.

Support Team

He's a member of our support team.

Aygun B.

CEO / Founder

One of Magical Tips partners.

Some FAQ

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Nope. Payment is made once. You can use the application for a lifetime by paying only once.

If you choose to pay with Western Union, the price will be discounted. When you receive a discount on the Play Store, you will be notified via notification.

Absolutely. Our users are mostly satisfied. For us, our users are important. We are here to offer you a professional service.

Our job is to analyze the games and to offer you the best possibility. Even a small trick made in the game can affect the score. We can not give 100% guarantee for this reason. By purchasing our Elite application and taking advantage of our consulting service, you can earn 100%

Our consulting service is a special service provided by Selim Tekin. We will keep you informed about betting strategies. We will tell you how to prepare the betting slip. We will share the secrets of 100% gain per day.

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Our History

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First Steps

Jan 15, 2016

Magical Tech company was established on 15 Feb 2016. Only standard tips were shared in applications. The company established with Magical Tech name was quite successful.


June 18, 2016

On these days, we started sharing HT / FT tips. Thanks to our successful analysis, we were reaching more and more users.


Sep 27, 2016

In 9 months we reached 200,000 users. We were the best.

Our account was closed

Sep 12, 2017

When we achieved great success, our account was closed upon complaints from competing companies.

We return for you!

Jun 27, 2018

After a long search, we returned with the name Magical Tips. Now we are stronger, more ambitious and more successful.


Jul 29, 2018

We have updated our logos and our website. We will offer you a more professional service.

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